SBB: deleys, non existent service and thiefs

Yesterday I came back from Brussels with the train! It was the worst experience I have had, a 9hr train ride that should have been 6hr 35min? How is it possible that we in this modern age can have a sbb train-link between Basel and Brussel with absolutly NO service omboard? When I left Basel for Brussels nobody informed me that there are NO information on the departure board for trains leaving north (same station). The time on my ticket was not the correct time and by the time I fund my train I had no time to buy som water and maybee a snack. No problems I thought I will buy this omboard. Settled in in my seat a the train left only to find out this train has NO, ZERO service omboard, I could not even buy water! 7 hrs no water, no food. CRAZY! On top of this enoying situation there are thiefs on these trains??? According to the conductor it’s a normal thing?

I saw people have their handbags and  luggage stolen! NORMAL they say! UNEXCEPTABLE I say. There are persons crusing between the compartments looking for things to steal in plain view.

I have tried the trains NOW,I am going back to easyjet!



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