Chefnils Famous Ribs

Chefnils Famous Ribs

 2 kg pork ribs

Chicken stock


½ handfull black pepper corns

6 whole cloves


1 cup of hosing sauce

2 cups of regular BBQ sauce

3 large tsb honey

Soya to taste

2 tsb butter

4 cloves garlic pressed

2 tsb grated ginger

A pinch of chilli powder


Put all ingredients in a pot and bring to a boil.


Cut ribs in portion pieces

Cover in a large pot with chicken stock with cloves, bayleavs and peppercorns

Cook slowly untill tender c.a 25min. Important not to over cook so make sure the the meat has some resistance when checking with a knife. Drain and discharge the stock.

Pour warm marinade over warm ribs, let them cool and then store over night in fridge.

 Grill Time

Grill slowly on medium grill and baste and turn often untill they are nice,golden and slightly black.

When it is impossible to resist them SERVE quickly!

It takes some these time and patience to make these ribs, to but well worth it!



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