Porto Final Night!

Inside ODEGood morning with renewed energy in a rainy mildBasel.

Yesterday I told you about the stormy fish grill evening in Porto and today we journey in to the more known world of restaurants: the pricey one and potentially a tourist trap ODE Porto Wine House.

I found this place after numerous hours comparing reviews online and also location close to where we where staying. It is located in the old city which is a world heritage site UNESCO right by theDouroRiver. I was lucky to get a table for us by the window overlooking the river withDomLouisBridge in the distance. This fantastic dining room is situated in a medieval building and it is just like sitting in someone’s home, and of course we were.

As son as we arrived the owner was our host, at first I thought a little overpowering but realized quickly that we had a true connoisseur on our hands. He guides us through a journey through his country Portugal with olives from the north, the famous goat cheese, bread to die for, grilled Iberian Pork, fresh Atlantic cod baked with mashed potatoes and olive oil with a crispy bread crust, slices of gorgeous buttery potatoes, wine like nectar and of course dessert baked by his grandmother?(I know they all say that, but after meeting his sister in the kitchen I believed him)that can only be described as sweet heaven. Yes the wine cost as much as the total dinner the evening before and the total was EURO 170:- which is steep for this city. But I must say the meal was incredible. Our host a proud Portuguese who does not compromise and we left thinking that this was one of those truly sacred places that only people with luck finds.

ODEPortoWine House

Largo do Terreiro, no 7

4050-603 Riberia Porto

+351 913 2000 10

Best Regards

Nils Mannerstedt


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